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Tiger’ Eye (or Cat’s Eye stone) for courage and internal power





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That’s cute I love it!

cool you can have it


2. The world between us is empty (plundered, I feel like I´m holding her head together) by Coyhand

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Borthwood (3)

©buron - July ‘14

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flowerS???? second life, mlp, fim

attempt number 2 is still pretty bad but at least it has bows and is slightly less uneven.

second life, mlp, fim, im too tired to tag these for public viewing so

first crappy pony dress post its unjeven and i dont care!!! so uneven.

#second life  #mlp  #fim  

im actually doing something i said i was going to do for once

#second life  #mlp  #fim  

im going to go make shitty cheap pony clothes in sl and they’re going to be pastel colors and maybe i have a glittery texture somewhere

also rin told me that VP got its first press coverage please prepare for feasting at some point

and after that one tiny blip of coherence i go back to jumping at every sound and knowing that my skin is melting!!

being an asshole makes you an asshole. being mentally ill is not the same as being an asshole. stop comparing assholes to mentally ill people when they’re just being assholes. yes, there are people in which both coincide, but there are also neurotypical people whom are also assholes and you meant them. you obviously meant a neurotypcial person when absolutely none of their transgressions were at all related to mental illnesses or caused by altered experiences of reality. they’re just a pushy asshole.

luv having to unfollow people not even ten minutes after deciding they are worth my time because they use me and people like me as a synonym to mean asshole.