today I felt like trying to make a low poly mini terrarium model, so I did! I have a game about terrariums I’d like to make eventually in this sort of style, need to get better at it first tho

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im going to give e2l one more chance to actually fucking process my reviews

thank goodness some people put their shitty cissexist opinions they tout as ‘fact’ right in their profiles so i can instablock them

opossums are nice and cute but they tend to live in the pallets under/around the hay and literally chew holes in barrels to get into our grain and if they shit or piss in the hay or grain it can make the horses sick + kill them so…. goodbye opossums

i just conceptualized how much it must cost to feed all the humans and animals on this farm and thats… not comfy….

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I get to ‘give away’ my friend Tish at her sl wedding.

do i have to do or say anything special or do i just walk next to her?

well more like 4 dollars a paycheck/per two paychecks/month because then thats like close to 1k lindens a paycheck/month if you stretch it out and 1k is a nicer, more even number than 250 and is also likely to be helpful to roomies who need help w sl rent


ideal budget: 1 dollar a paycheck to sl, everything else to something Important

because like 1 dollar is like. how muhc is that. 250 or something right. then you also just host or make shit and then TADAA money to buy virtual shit.

trying to figure out when my last body ref post was….

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My girls are so tame they were curious enough to swim into my hand!


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waiting for a phone call more like glancing at phone every 5 seconds and not getting anything done


漂浮 (by Huen *)

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